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My Story

My grandmother helped raise me.  As the family breadwinner, an abuse survivor, and mother of four daughters, she was an inspiration to me. Born to immigrant parents who spoke no English, she was forced to drop out of school to help support her ten siblings. Her childhood was one of poverty. As an adult she recounted how shamed she felt having to visit foodbanks and wear hand-me-down clothing, and the discrimination she faced because she had a name that wasn’t “American enough.” Her experiences instilled in me a deep desire to treat everyone with dignity and empathy, to speak out against wrongs, and to work to make things better for the next generation. When she passed away a couple years ago at nearly the age of 103, I took comfort in the fact that she lived her long life each day with integrity, compassion, and tenacity. She was born in 1919, the year women in this country were granted the right to vote. Today the granddaughter she helped raise can not only vote, but also hopes to get your vote by leading with the same principles in which she lived her life.

A picture of Julie Farnam as a baby being held by her grandmother.

Julie for Arlington is a campaign that is grounded in the needs of everyday people, like my grandmother, like me, and like you. As a long-time resident, a single mother to two young children, a small business owner, and a committed community member, I am passionate about seeing Arlington grow in a way that benefits all its residents. My vision for the county is one that balances development with sustainability, while preserving the unique charm and character that makes Arlington such a special place to live and work. I am committed to working with our community to implement new ideas, explore innovative solutions, and create opportunities for everyone to thrive.

A photo of Julie Farnam standing with her two daughters on the first day of school.
A photo of Julie Farnam standing on the Capitol Building balcony overlooking the National Mall.

I am focused on ensuring the safety and prosperity of our community. As a career public servant, having worked in the federal government with the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Capitol Police for nearly two decades, I understand the importance of being transparent and accountable to the people I serve. I will work to make sure that Arlington remains a great place to live and work and will prioritize the safety of our community. With my years of experience managing large, multi-million-dollar budgets and projects, and an intimate knowledge of security and safety, I am confident that I have the skills and experience necessary to serve our community at the highest level possible.

As your representative on the County Board, I will work every single day to fight for the needs of working families and business owners. Together, we can make sure that Arlington remains a vibrant and thriving community for generations to come.  It is our Arlington and our future.

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