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Our Arlington. Our Future.

I take my role as a public servant very seriously. I believe that the best decisions are made when we work together, and that a strong community is one where everyone’s voice is heard. That's why I take the input of those who live and work here seriously, realizing that it is invaluable in understanding the needs and concerns of our community. Whatever the issue, my decisions will be informed by what our residents and workers believe is best for our community.

Julie Farnam sitting on a bench talking to her two daughters.

I believe that we can tackle the challenges we face by taking a proactive approach and investing in resources and programs that will benefit everyone in our community. 

Image by Brandon Jacoby

My vision for Arlington is one where planning and growth are balanced with putting the community first and valuing their input. 

Julie Farnam talking to a Jewish woman and Black man.

Open and transparent communication is key to building trust and fostering a sense of community. If elected, I will work tirelessly to ensure that the county is communicating effectively with its residents, and that everyone's voice is heard. 

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